Vedanta Workshops

Especially in these times it is invaluable and healing to meet like-minded people and to learn together about the basic yogic questions!

In March there will be a free introductory class and a yoga philosophy workshop with the renowned Sanskrit & Vedanta scholar Swamini Pramananda (Ammaji).

This is a great opportunity for interested people to learn more about the path of yoga, the path of self-knowledge – and Ammaji makes the Vedic wisdom accessible in a particularly lively and authentic way.

Karma in Dharma – how to align with the cosmic harmony
• How does Dharma rule the world?
• How does my choice of actions (karma) affect my experience of (dis)harmony in life?
• How can I maintain cosmic harmony by consciously choosing my actions in accordance with the Dharma?

This workshop is the beginning of a series of live sessions, in which Ammaji will bring clarity to the basics of yoga philosophy. We can discover what the ancient scriptures have to offer us as we search for answers to the pressing questions of human existence.

1. March 19th, 2022 (2 hrs Introduction): A glimpse into yoga philosophy (free session, registration required)
2. March 25th-26th, 2022 (2-day-workshop): Karma in Dharma – how to align with cosmic harmony (108€ / 9000₹, donation based)

=> Registration is open now – happy to see you there!

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